Vote to honor our Noah on his Birthday!

Here we go! Spread the word around the WORLD :-) Happy Birthday Noah!

Help us honor him and support the visionary researchers who have come together and focus on these children – It costs you NOTHING, but will be PRICELESS for them!


Voting Steps

(Note: if you search for us, please use the search term “Noahs Light”

That’s it! If you are having any difficulty, please click here for “step by step” pictures on our website.

After you vote, please be sure to ask your friends to vote and forward it to: 

•  All of Your Friends;
•  Your Company Directory;
•  Your LinkedIn;
•  Your Church Directory;
•  Your Email address book;
•  Your Client Database;
•  Post and Share on Facebook (if your friends “like” it – we get more times to vote);
•  Tweet it;
•  You tube it;
•  Share it with your School;
•  Post it on your Blog;
•  Post it on others blogs… share, share, share!

Thank you so much for being part of your “Light” for these brave children!


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